August 21-22, 2018


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How Innovative Service-Centric Brands Are Finding & Inspiring the Talent They Need To Wow Guests Today & Transform Their Business Tomorrow

What new initiatives are helping HR leaders build a more robust culture and drive higher employee engagement in this customer-centric, traditionally small margin industry?

How are progressive organizations rethinking how to find and keep better people faster to effectively tackle the war on talent?

How can you develop leaders who will create the differenced experiences that will wow guests and staff both today and tomorrow?

These are some of the questions which lie at the heart of the 2018 LEAP HR: Hospitality forum.

This unique forum is specifically designed for the most senior people leaders from service-centric, people-intensive, experience orientated organizations to find out how to find and inspire talent that will deliver outstanding guest service today and help grow the organization faster.

With new speakers, fresh case studies, LEAP HR: Hospitality remains the unique opportunity for future-focused senior people leaders in this industry to really challenge and get creative around how we do HR in hospitality.

 Take a look at the Interactive Event Guide for more details.

"In a crowded and competitive space, thinking differently about how we do HR is vital if we are to succeed in creating differentiation and value. LEAP HR: Hospitality shines a light on the leaps that service-centric, customer-oriented hospitality brands are taking to find, inspire, develop and keep a multi-generational workforce in a future digital hospitality industry."

Robert Mellwig, SVP Really Cool People, Two Roads Hospitality
2017 Chair, LEAP HR: Hospitality

"LEAP HR: Hospitality made me excited for the future. By focusing on the future and achieving radical change in hospitality HR I gained fresh insight and new ideas to bring innovation to our industry and my company.” Glenda Palomino, Chief Human Resource Officer, New Century Hotels

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