August 21-22, 2018


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About Event

“The world of work is changing faster than any of us can keep up with if we don’t make a conscious effort to stay connected to the very latest thinking. LEAP HR: Hospitality offers a rare chance to get access to that innovative thinking all under one roof.”

Clio Knowles, Head of Human Resources, Virgin Hotels


The LEAP Guarantee

LEAP HR: Hospitality works because it connects you with the most innovative leaders supporting their brands through the challenges involved in service-oriented, customer-centric, people intensive industries. We focus on the people strategies behind their most commercial leaps, and ensure every leap shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers.

Event Highlights

LEAP HR: Hospitality is a brand-new and rare chance for people leaders from across the hospitality industry to come together and challenge the dominating traditional thinking. Join your colleagues and leave able to deliver a differentiated, authentic and remarkable experience in a next-generation industry:

icon6 Build a resilient organization that thrives in disruptive times: Lift the lid on priceless lessons learned from the world-famous San Diego Zoo story icon10 Radically rethink guest service excellence to anticipate and exceed the needs of the future customer with insights from the former EVP HR of the Oberoi Group
icon3 Propel yourself into a new HR digital future:  Hilton reveal how they are building a new digital people strategy to succeed in the future icon7 Rethink where you’ll find your next hospitality superstar: Journey into the remarkable story the former SVP of Sears Holding tells about finding talent in non-traditional places
icon2 Merge the art of understanding employee and customer needs with the science of talent assessment: Find out how IMPRINT Hospitality’s talent strategy delivers bottom line results icon8 Build a remarkable culture of high performance in hospitality: Find out how Pivot Hotels is challenging traditional thinking to drive innovation into an orthodox environment
icon4 Rethink how to inspire, motivate and retain a next-gen workforce: Discover how Two Roads Hospitality challenges traditional thinking around recruitment, recognition and reward icon5 Build a smarter, more agile hospitality business: Discover the secrets of how Shake Shack is taking an unorthodox approach to transforming workforce vitality


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