September 26-27, 2018


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LEAP HR: Hospitality is a disruptive new forum designed for those who want to challenge traditional thinking around how we do HR in hospitality, here’s what those who have taken part have said about their experience:


“An invigorating look at what’s next”

“While other conferences provide best practices, we need a futurist approach. LEAP HR: Hospitality offers an invigorating chance to work with forward-thinking HR professionals to find the “what’s next” in our profession. 10 out of 10.”

Camille Hannans, Vice President Human Resources, Georgia Aquarium


“The return on my time has been exponential”

“This was a highly dynamic, engaging and energizing event that kept me engaged from beginning to end. The return on my time has been exponential in the networking and idea sharing that took place. 10 out of 10.”

Elga Sickler, Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Human Resources, The Landings Club


“Setting the standard”

“This event sets the standard for how we want to move the conversation forward around HR in hospitality.”

Robert Mellwig, Senior Vice President Really Cool People, Two Roads Hospitality


“This will help change our business”

“The networking with innovative HR leaders and sharing best practices was great. My organization is ready for change so I need to figure out how to provide it with the best options. LEAP HR: Hospitality will help me do that. 10 out of 10.”

John Simmons, Vice President Human Resources, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises


“New ideas to bring innovation to our company”

“Very informative and encouraging. By focusing on the future and achieving radical change in hospitality HR I gained fresh insight and new ideas to bring innovation to our company. LEAP HR: Hospitality make me excited for the future. 10 out of 10.”

Glenda Palomino, Chief Human Resource Officer, New Century Hotels


“Connect with hospitality people leaders”

“I was able to connect with people leaders with similar challenges to my own, build my network and hear about trends and opportunities that I may be able to take back to my company.”

Natasha Hudspeth, Managing Director Talent Management, G6 Hospitality


“Fast moving, forward looking”

“A very fast-moving, well-designed, and forward-looking event designed to help hospitality HR professionals stay current.”

Alan Momeyer, Chief Human Resources Officer Emeritus, Loews Corporation


“Well worth both the time and energy”

“Well worth the time investment to understand emerging dynamics of HR in hospitality. I very much enjoyed this conference – it was well worth both the time and energy. 10 out of 10.”

Camille Mercier, Director of Human Resources, Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel


“A vital chance to get up to date”

“Awesome to hear what other companies in the industry are doing, great benchmarking experience and a vital chance to get up to date with where the industry is heading. 10 out of 10.”

Giorgio Cornejo-Pol, Senior Human Resources Specialist, Snowshoe Mountain


“A priceless opportunity”

“A priceless opportunity to be surrounded by leaders who embody the HR profession and the meaning of human capital. 10 out of 10.”

Stana Subaric, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Affinity Gaming


“It was great to be able to share and learn”

“I need to be able to see around the corners more to get out ahead of what our organization will face in the future. Every organization has something to share and something to learn and it was great to be able to do both this week.”

Christine Wilson, Vice President Human Resources, Darden


“A toolbox that will be so useful”

“The amount of content and ideas shared among peers created a toolbox that will be so useful to take back to our home companies.”

Holly Lawson, Corporate Director of People & Culture, Pivot Hotels & Resorts


“I’m looking forward to next year”

“Insightful, thoughtful dialogue and unique networking opportunity with leaders in the HR/Hospitality space which is evolving rapidly. I am already looking forward to LEAP HR: Hospitality 2018. 10 out of 10.”

Amrita Bhalla, MD AB Consulting and former EVP Human Resources, Oberoi Group


“View innovation through a different lens”

“LEAP HR: Hospitality was invaluable, and motivated me towards real change. I got the chance to view innovation through a different lens. Outstanding conference, and I can’t wait to return next year. 10 out of 10.”

Chris Cano, General Manager, Marriott Vacations Worldwide