August 20-21, 2019

Nashville, TN

2019 Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner with LEAP HR: Hospitality ?

The hospitality industry people leaders taking part in this forum recognize that they can’t solve their HR challenges alone, and as a result they are actively looking outside their organizations for help.

They also appreciate that, in a growth industry which is changing fast, the solution providers who have helped them get to where they are may not be the partners to help them go where they are heading.

Participants are spending time and money looking for new solutions. They have a mandate for change, the ability to make decisions, and a budget to make change happen.

This forum presents a vital chance for you to demonstrate the value proposition of your offering to this community in a way which positions you as the solution provider of choice to the industry.

We will work with you to design a bespoke partnership package where you could:

  • Demonstrate the value proposition of your offering in front of an audience of active, engaged potential customers
  • Customize the audience to your specific needs by tailoring who attends and ensuring who you meet onsite is not left to chance
  • Showcase your business and its services at an exhibition booth, which provides a perfect meeting place for prospective new clients

If you’d like more information on the 2018 meeting, please contact Tom Simmons at