August 21-22, 2018


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LEAP HR: Hospitality is a disruptive new global forum designed to identify what needs to be in the hospitality HR toolbox of the future to help people leaders transform their impact on their brands. People leaders from across the industry take part to answer business-critical questions such as:

Logo-Home-Page-690x140 How are the highest performing hospitality brands innovating to find, inspire, lead, develop and keep the best people in an increasingly tight talent market?
Logo-Home-Page-690x140 What new people strategies are helping hospitality outliers  meet rising guest expectations and wow more connected customers with a differentiated and authentic experience?
Logo-Home-Page-690x140 And how are the most admired brands translating the latest thinking around HR into lower costs, higher profits and a radically better employee and customer experience?

Join CHROs and HR VPs in 2018 from across the hospitality industry. Check out the 2017 Interactive Event Guide for more details of what to expect..

What it feels like to be part of a LEAP HR event

“This event sets the standard for how we want to move the conversation forward around HR in hospitality”
Robert Mellwig, SVP Really Cool People, Two Roads Hospitality

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