Why Attend?

Find out how the most innovative hospitality HR leaders are solving the industry specific challenges you share:

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*Word cloud based on the challenges and addressed across the agenda and their frequencies

Hear the best examples of HR transformation stories from across the industry:


LEAP: Rethinking the role of HR to become the catalyst needed to support operations drive change & boost productivity

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LEAP: Overcoming the challenges of culture, communicationand compensation during the
industry’s largest merger of management companiesto date


LEAP: Rethinking what it takes to put inclusivity at the heart of a diverse hospitality workforce


LEAP: Aligning benefits with culture & values to boost team member engagement

& Network with your peers from a wide range of hospitality organizations:

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How it works

We believe the traditional conference format is not fit for purpose, so we’ve ripped it up and started from scratch. Looking about the agenda, you will have noticed 3 main types of session:

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Discover sessions offer you the chance to hear the most admired people leaders in Hospitality share the stories of what they’ve done to solve their most pressing HR challenges

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Debate sessions provide you with the unique opportunity to have your burning questions answered in a room full of you peers and move beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’
to get the ‘how’

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Action sessions are designed to help you work with your team to set a clear bespoke action plan of what you are going to change when you get back to your business to ensure you are set up to adapt quicker to industry transformation

Hear what past delegates say:

LEAP HR: Hospitality was an amazing opportunity to interact with high level HR executives in an intimate setting which gave us the chance to collaborate even further on the valuable information provided during the presentations.”

Aimee Mangold, Vice President of Human Resources, Kolter Hospitality

“Often speakers seem out of reach at larger conferences. LEAP HR: Hospitality almost forced us to engage the speakers in small group or even one on one conversations which is a great way to learn!”

Martha Handrich, Director of Human Resources & Operations, Marcus Hotels & Resorts

The unique format and structure of LEAP HR: Hospitality was a refreshing, and highly interactive change.”

Dan Waite, Vice President of People Operations, SH Group