Case Study: Sterling


What was the business challenge we were facing?

We operate in a space where we are being challenged by a large number of new entrants who provide a competitive solution to ours. That means we need to work hard to make sure we’re the first brand our prospective clients think of when they are looking for solutions like ours. We had a decision to make as to


Why was a LEAP HR event the perfect solution?

We have worked with many conference organizers in the past, but the reason the LEAP team was the perfect solution was not only the quality of the audience (which is always first rate), or the size of the events (which is perfect – not too small that we can’t generate enough leads, not too large that we don’t get to meet everyone), but because the team treat our investment as if it was their own money, and we get a level of support and customer care that is superior to anything we’ve experienced elsewhere


What happened as a result of being an event partner?

We’ve sponsored six leap events this year and at each event our sales teams have walked away with relationships they simply would not have been able to develop through traditional means. These leads have resulted in new client relationships, and allowed us to cement our relationship and increase the amount of business we are doing with our existing clients who are in the room too.